Mount Climbing Equipment Checklist

Mount Climbing Equipment

Mountain climbing is an extreme sport. It is dangerous and highly physical sport that a single misstep can take your life. Although it’s highly dangerous, it’s undeniable that many people still find it fun. Thus having the right equipment for a challenging recreational activity like mount climbing is essential—this allows you to steer clear of any accidents and also ensures your safety. Here’s the list of important mount climbing equipment for your mountain hike:

Climbing Rope

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Ropes used in mountain climbing are usually a Kernmantle, a long twisted fibre covered by a layer of a woven fibre that shields its core. It functions as a climbing material that helps you reach the peak.


It is a support worn around the hips which are attached to your rope. This carries your weight as you climb and allows you to move swiftly while securing your safety. A good quality harness will definitely secure your life better.


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A carabiner is a metal loop created ranging from materials like steel and aluminium and functions as a fastener that either join or detach the equipment used in climbing activities to each other.

Belay Device

A belay device is a mechanical item which is utilized with belaying ropes. This device helps the user secure the rope with minimal effort.

Belay Gloves

A belay glove is specifically designed for climbing as it features a heat-resisting pad covering the palm and fingers area. It is worn to prevent your hands from hurting due to the friction of the rope.

Climbing Boots

There are typically two climbing boots used in mountain climbing, which may confuse some, but the type of boots you are going to want to wear depends on where you’re climbing. Hiking boots are usually worn in rough and green terrains and not suitable to be worn in snowy areas. Mountaineering boots are designed to be taller and stiffer, as crampons are generally attached to it.


A helmet is important equipment for any strenuous activities like mount climbing. It is worn as a shield for your head against falling debris. It also has various types depending on its features and the climbing you do: a shelled foam helmet is styled for sports climbing and mountaineering, while the hard shell helmet is typically for rock climbing and is made from durable materials.


These mount climbing equipment are essential for your mountain climbing experience. It can be easily bought from any sport equipment stores, or borrowed from mountaineering guides where you will climb on. Although these equipment are accessible, always check for the quality of your equipment to make sure that you’re not putting yourself at risk by using low quality equipment. Remember, never compromise your safety by buying cheap and low quality equipment. Yeah, Mountain climbing is fun but its only fun when you are safe and secured.

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