Ultimate Tips For Climbing Safety Harness

Climbing Safety Harness

Climbing sports is one of the thrilling and exciting sports you’ll ever see. It may seem exhausting and requires great physical skills at first, all of them will be worth it once you reached your goal. Although conquering heights and climbing onto the top of the highest peaks of the world seem a fun-filled thrilling experience, it is dangerous and also comes with safety risks. But don’t worry! These risks can be eliminated as long as you keep these tips for climbing safety harness in mind:

Be sure to have the right equipment

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Harnesses are widely used for climbing; it supports your weight and prevents you from falling off entirely as it is attached to your rope. But you have to make sure that the safety harness you have is the safety harness you need. There are different types of climbing safety harnesses, depending on where you’re climbing: a sports safety harness usually for indoor climbing, traditional climbing safety harnesses has more powerful and thick features for outdoor climbing, ice harnesses are designed with non-absorbent padding, so it doesn’t get stiff when climbing on a humid environment, and alpine harnesses which are designed for mountaineering.

Know how to use your harness

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Now that you know which harness to have, it’s essential to understand how to use it. It’s

not just something you wear around your hips. Learn to identify its anatomy, so you know what to adjust and avoid fiddling with its parts when you are climbing.

Find the right size for you

Having the right kind of climbing safety harness isn’t going to save you from accidents if it

doesn’t properly fit you. A harness is worn around your pelvis and hips, so choose one that matches your size and where you are comfortable with making large movements.

Own a harness

Although itmay not sound like a significant expense, if you are genuinely considering

making climbing as your go-to sport or activity, it’s highly suggested to have your harness. You won’t have trouble finding the right fit on you whenever you go

climbing, and it’ll be comfortable for you as well.

Take care of your harness

Having your climbing safety harness also means taking care of it. It’s essential to take care of it correctly. Keep it in a dry and clean space with no exposure to sunlight and away from objects that may damage it.


Danger will always be a part of any physical sports. Whether it’s something simple like the usual basketball or highly active and dangerous sport like mountain climbing, there will always be a risk to your body and safety. It is important to always check your equipment and learn how to use it properly. There will be no harm done in being cautious, especially when it comes to your life. I mean, its better to be safe than sorry, right?

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